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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a limited edition print?
A limited edition reproduces identical copies of an artwork, with a pre-determined limited number offered to the public. After the initial run, collectors on the secondary market often covet the artwork.
What is the difference between a giclee and a lithograph print?
Lithograph uses printing press technology. It is a time consuming and cumbersome process, but results are excellent with an experienced printer. Giclee printing uses digital technology with spectacular results and has become the standard for fine art reproductions.
Are canvas prints available?
As the original artwork is on canvas, some collectors prefer the authentic look and feel of a canvas print. Other collectors prefer the fine art quality of the standard print. We have a small exclusive run on canvas. If you desire canvas, email us using the contact button.
Why purchase a limited edition?
The same reason why you would buy any artwork; because you like (or love) it. A limited edition will likely increase in value due to the limited number produced.
What is a COA?
A numbered certificate of authenticity (COA) proves the limited reproduction is legitimate and must be provided with any limited edition artwork.
How are the prints shipped?
The prints are sent in a secure shipping tube. Shipping within the United States is free.
Can you frame the prints?
Because of the almost unlimited frame and mat selection, which I cannot offer, it is best for you to use a custom framer in your area.
Is your site secure and do you sell your mailing list?
You can be assured your credit card purchase is secure with paypal. Purchase using the "buy now" button or email us for an invoice. If you do not have a paypal account simply fill out the secure form as prompted. We do not sell or farm out our customer information, ever. We may send you emails announcing sales or new limited edition artwork offerings. If you wish, you can opt out of any or all of our emails at any time.