Watch This Space Hi
Watch This Space Hi

Over sixty years ago cartoonist Mickey Bach put a blank canvas on his wall and wrote "Watch This Space" on it. At his parties his friends would "doodle" on the canvas; world famous artists Henry Clive, Clifford McBride, Jefferson Machamer, Andrew Loomis, Earl Moran and Theodore Geisel (better known as Dr Seuss). LA Productions is honored to offer this one of a kind artwork as a giclee fine art limited edition print. As with any limited edition, when these reach the end of the run, the files will be destroyed. These fine art prints will, undoubtedly, become collector items. During this special promotion these amazing prints are available for only

one print $199 any two prints for $299 or all three for the incredible price of $399 !! 

Watch This Space Hi HI
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Earl Moran
Watch This Space Hi NATURE LOVER
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Andy Loomis
Watch This Space Hi WATCH THIS SPACE
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Henry Clive, Jefferson Machamer